[Lyrics] Kida Kudz – Never Saw Us Lyrics

Ayy, ayy-ayy, ayy-yeah
Jiggy Boyz
Yeah, yeah
I do this for my offsprings (offsprings)
Chasin’ that bag ’til I pull my harm string (harm string)
Ancestors accept my offerin’ (offerin’)
Told me “I will never see no sufferin'” (sufferin’)
One time for my mama oh (mama oh)
‘Cause I know that woman truly loves me (loves me)
Whatever I do I know she got me (got me)
Long live everyone that supports me
Area boy for life
Jiggy Boy for life
And that’s on my life
My Jigga did me wrong
But, I acted dumb ’cause I’m not surprised, yeah
I can see your true colours
Stop actin’ like you never saw us
System wasn’t built for us
Government got no money for us
JBFC for life
You understand?
Shout out the Membas
Big up your chest
You understand?
A wise man said
“When you’re makin’ money, use your head”
A wise man said
“Don’t be afraid, say it with your chest”
Sometimes, I feel like burn this shit
But, got to do it for the Membas (Membas)
And everytime that I hop on the mic
You know I do it for the Membas
Sometimes, I wanna spass (spass)
Sometimes, I wanna bang my Jazz
Sometimes, I wanna party hard (party hard)
Sometimes, don’t wanna leave my yard, ayy-yeah
All ma Jiggas lookin’ for peace of mind
Bobo gats to hustle, bobo gats survive
But, bobo no be bobo if he no get kobo
So, we work hard k’owo yen le gobo
I remember must think I forgot
Dancin’ on the stage in jorgor
Break dancin’ like a robot
Actin’ like you never saw us
You understand?
I resist to the world, I’m back
You already know
JBFC for life
Top Memba
You understand?

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