[Lyrics] Ms Banks – We Go Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yo, uh

Tell all them hoes I ain’t nutting to fuck with
If she a opp I won’t hesi’ to up it
Hit all my goals and hit all my targets
I cross a bitch off my list like a bucket
All of this smoke and nobody can duck it
You’re making noises but causing a ruckus
I feel like Jagaban without the mask
Everything turn into gold when I touch it
Used to wear Filas and hand-me-downs
Now I pull up, the parking is underground
Bitches wanna come up on that gangster now
When we was outside you hoes weren’t around
When they say my name please don’t make a sound
Offered half a milli’, I turned it down
If they fuck with me I’ll lay ’em down
My niggas lego, wе don’t play around
Winning is my only option
I’m getting shit popping
I laid all my doubts in a coffin
I’m at the top and I’m hogging
I aim for your nogging
You’re running on bеats and I’m jogging
Tryna fuck with the clique
You ain’t that bitch
Only bad when you login
Bitches wanna push my button
The only thing I push is the push to start button
Brown stew and curry mutton
Yeah I’m really in the bizz
Really with that gang shit
Oh we’ve got another hit
Banks too legit to quit
Really we’re talking them features with Nicki
When she’s in London she knows she can hit me
I be the baddest bitty in the city
[?] and we litty for really
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[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
Sitting in the back of the Benz and my feet go up
Bitches don’t come outside when the beef go up
But I love the way they mob when we roll up
These bitches bums, when I see them, they make me throw up
I wish a bitch would spin, I’m like, “Please show up”
When you talk to me, please don’t bring a cheap ho up
You keep talkin’ ’bout a bitch for the streets, grow up
‘Cause you the type to say that shit and knock a freak ho up

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