[Lyrics] Olamide – Rap Freestyle Lyrics

Young Erikina,Young Erikina young, (It’s Young Erika Baby), (I’m telling you)
Young Erikina,Young Erikina young
Young Erikina,Young Erikina young

[Verse 1: Olamide]
Rapper’s still busy forming virtue
Me I’m repping the streets, the street drop dead for me now
I’m back in the street
Right in front of them I’m hugging and I’m pegging the street
The street will never forget me cause I dis-virgined the street
Number one champion, I defend the street title
Hence, the music turn to paper
I can’t fight you
Ney dey do gra gra
Come let me enlight you
I be like bleaching cream
If you try me I fit light you
Dеm dеy form class, see as I dey look dem
Dеm dey form class and it’s somе old skool and I took them
If you get beef for me, no dey cook them
I’ll eat dem raw to pieces then imma puke dem
Yes, power on your game face
Orisha ni olamide yato s’awon rapper’s ten praise
Mi o kin shey TV, kini nkon te’n trace
Ok ara’n ta yin tori emi ni igboro embrace
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[Chorus: Olamide]
Yahoo boy no laptop always Pinging
But my money dey pile up
Their papa fit dey call me dizzy rascal
But their mama love me die, you fit ask her

[Verse 2: Olamide]
Yeah, it’s Young Erikina
Mo yato s’awon to’n run bi pata to ti giran
Bad belle wanna join now there we on
Ki Ki ni kon la je won, so e ki won
Awon Finidi tohun judge me
Woho le confront mi, se lo’n dodge mi
Mi o ko wonje bawo lo se fe podge mi
I’m a budget smart lines but won le punch mi
Awon eleyi para, won ayin e ni banger
Isawuru gon mo pe ayamatanga
Highly inflammable like fuel inna the tanker
Awon AO’s o ni fe fry yi alangba
Awon rhyming mi ma’n kii
If you dey beef mi aarabasipangi
God punish devil so fun pe asipanki
These days, I smile to the bank like Banky Ah ahh
Nobody fit buga mi till the day that I die, God got me
Olamide alias igboro feran mi
To rie lo se mahun f’oju commonize error mi
They say I flow like I’m kinna high on pelebe
Wetin i dey speak for mouth bad like kelebe
Young erikina, ta lohun je be
Holla babies it’s Ola baby
Ko s’elegbe e
I dey bang even when I got my pants on
I’m a blessing, I bless anything I lay my hands on
Girls follow me not because I’m handsome
I don’t take them for granted, not a loser like a Dead son
Olamide, the boy that make the beggars holla
Nigga’s crying for mercy like guy bambi alla
Done make we give you, why you wanna dabi alla
Young erikina anna biala
Dem no fit stop me now, we no resemble
Omo gbayi juwon lo ni to rie lo se’n bu
Me no pay hears to whatever they sayable
‘Cause banking on them is like raping a disable
Haaah, na me no like that
My name on the wall, me no write that
History book is where you gonna find that
Won ni mo ya werey but I’m getting paid fine art Ah ahh
I’m the business, bank account ti damu e pa,ko ni fitness
Mi o sick, emi gon gon ni sickness
I’m a murderer, Jehovah is my witness
[Outro: Crowd & Olamide]
File yahoo boy no laptop
Hey, yahoo boy no laptop
Hey, yahoo boy no laptop
Always pinging, but my money dey pile up

File, yahoo boy no laptop
Hey, yahoo boy no laptop
Hey, yahoo boy no laptop
Always pinging, but my money dey pile up
Young Erikina, Young Erikina young
Young Erikina,Young Erikina young (It’s Young Erikina, the Era)
Young Erikina,Young Erikina young
Young Erikina,Young Erikina young

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