[Lyrics] Priddy Ugly – Piece 4 Peace Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don’t know many men that can rap from the heart
Puttin’ pen to a pad is an art
As a kid I was stabbed at the park
My heart is as black as the dark
You bitches sound like cats when you bark
Let’s take it back to the start
I’m spittin’ only facts in the bars
We die for this passion of ours
I need more racks in the cart
About to get a plaque, fuck a chart
I can tell you don’t know how it feels to have a gun to your head
Older sister took a gun to the chest
It punctured her lung through her flesh
For her phone, almost plunged to her death
Real life not a stunt on the net, ooh
Therе’s majita from the streets in the East
Who targeting thе keys to your peace
So, pops kept a piece for his peace
Never kept that piece out of reach
Since a teen pops would sleep with his piece in his sheets
So it kept my mama on her knees while he sleeps
Mama always told me to believe in my dreams
When homies in my team won’t believe what I seen
Can’t believe he was turned to a meme on a screen
Sounding “Priddy Ugly” on this Mash beat
Because the city love me, I need money like a athlete
Could’ve been a baller, ntwana yami, had a bad knee
Need my granny to touch a Grammy ‘fore my gran leaves
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[Verse 2]
Damn we, never had a plan B
Thoughts of us never makin’ it, was a bad dream
Fuck poverty, need property, keep the landcleaned
Vaccines killed my uncle Benji and my auntie
Family really couldn’t stand in the stampede
How we gonna save the bloodline if every man bleeds?
Even super heroes die, word to Stan Lee
It’s not a comic when you laying in the sand deep
Mama didn’t think that he would rape her ‘til her pants left her
Left her covered up in blood is how that man dressed her
And that devil left her red like it’s Manchester
Blood, now she crip walking like a gang member
Gang signs, a middle finger and some bad letters
Say a prayer, palms together, it’s the hand gesture
They oppressed us in the past, we demand better
I hope you know that in the future we’ll be ancestors

I hope you know that in the future we’ll be ancestors
In the future we’ll be ancestors

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