[Lyrics] Dablixx Osha – Project Kid Lyrics

King of the new school
Have been going through some sad shit
Check my real life fuck the gram shit
Have been wildin’ outchea for the family
Last time I check I gat snakes all around me
We don’t love each other that’s my people
They said they’re rich on the gram but they’re still broke
I don’t trust nobody they’re all hypocrite
Like a motherfucking crack, I’m still dope
Wanna put my city in the world map
Flying everywhere in the chopper
If you want my downfall you ain’t my brother
Always try better every fucking time I fall back
We never had enough so the grinding never stop
When I see a nigga winning I told them “see you at the top”
I secure the bag money I gat to stack it up
When I was broke got no one to back me up ooo
Am a project kid Am a project kid
Am a project kid Am a project kid
Am a proj Am a project kid

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