[Lyrics] Ice Prince – Bless Lyrics

Ah run check
Soldier go soldier come
But e Barack demeji
Barack demeji
Barack demeji
Men I’ve been down
I’ve been heartbroke
Look into my eyes
You see the scar shows
I remember times it was hard bro
Make me wanna be rich
Chapo Pablo
Good flow my type is A+
I’m made from mayor city
For sure they pay bucks
Airport and hotel’s the routine
But when there’s no booking
I get mood swing
I’m on the phone arguing with my lady
She don’t understand
Why the boy’s gone crazy
I wish I could explain
But the words all fail me
I no go lie I wish it left mehn e pain me
But moving on
Keep it Gee for my people though
You know my peeps in the street
Need a likkle dough and
You already know on the beat
That I’m really pro
The way I lit the lines you would think
That I was sniffing Coke
Asalama alaikum
Alaikum Salam
Only people are only
Celebrating Ramadam
Lebanon’s Dons on my telephone
Ain’t no cupboard in my skeleton
Everything happens for a reason
Life from a different prism
Lot of people locked up in pre (Cre cre cre)
Bed time 7 o’clock in the evening Bless
I must thank God that I’m breathing
At least I got something I can believe in
Mehn i had a crazy ass weekend
I was swimming with sharks
Right in the deep ends
OK OK I’m back with the flow
No joken joken
You gat a muscle up
Cause no pain no gain
All the boys wanna jon’soke soke
I’m Blessed
Dealing with a likkle bit stress
Thank God say we no get sweat
And I tok am with my full Chest
I’m Blessed. nigga I’m Blessed
Soldier go soldier come say, Barack demeji
Barack demeji
Barack demeji
Soldier come soldier go say
Barack demeji
Barack demeji
Barack demejii
Everything happens for a reason Bless
Life from a different prism Bless
Lot of people locked up… Bless
Bed time 7 o’clock in the evening, bless
I’ve seen a grown man cry
No tears in the eyes
Only question is why
See the scar’s on the surface
But the pain is inside
It’s a blessing to be free men
Make money make friends
Go to school and buy Benz
Drive around the world
But lookout for your men’s
On the ends
Loyalty over respect man
Sometimes is the best
Respect is reciprocal and
Sometimes they pretend
Na so mad man dance
Collect money for domot
Another one do the same dance
Dem pursue am comot
And it’s real bruv
Life is such a rounding test
I’mma do me and let my God
Handle the rest. Bless
Ah run

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