[Lyrics] Reminisce – Outro Lyrics

Whats up
Thank you for tuning in
Baba Hafusa
Number 3 oti pe gan
You know what i mean
Ori ye
I just wanna use this opportunity you knwo what i mean
To say shout out to my fans awon ti gbo me ti pe ti pe
Awon di alaka ye o ye
That time book of rap stories
Fu Alaga Ibile
Then we did *
Ati pada de bai Baba Hafusa
Oni 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 million oti ri e
Ori yi e
Eshe elenu
Ele wa gba gbe
Omo mi Sojay i mean e support e
Oye ogun support e fun **
Oti ye we need this boy
Mad talented dude you know what i mean
And a gon need all hands on deck
Eshe elenu
See you on the next onе
Ni album Sojay eshe elеnu
Bye bye Ibile Ibile

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