[Lyrics] Vector – Protect The Church Lyrics

Don’t you see?
Maybe just maybe we are the one’s responsible
By our doings by our thinking
I mean it is by our thinking that we may drown faster than our blinking
We have let us deceive us
That winners have to go to a gathering to be winners
And that to be redeemed is to go through suffering traffic causing madness
And on your way to the holy ground you too must have cursed in traffic
You must have driven in a way that was wrong in traffic
But you tell you it is right because of God in traffic
And should we remind us that we are God?
Is his likeness and image proof enough that
Being good to a stranger is simply good enough?
And forgive us our trespasses as we
Forgive those who trespass against us
Don’t you see?
Do you see that you are the church as an attack on the church is
Aimed at your heart? I mean the building is a building
I mean the building is a building let’s place that apart
Let’s put aside like the government does our hearts
Take the goods from the carts
And false prophets aren’t celestial church people or the tithe type
The false prophets have been you all along
Refusing to be the right type
Letting opinions turn us into minions
No coward is more yellow than us in our mini dungarees but it’s okay
I mean even I could have written this before now
But before the beheading
I have come to realize that who we are
Is who we are now
So protect the church

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